Therapeutic Emotional Yoga

Emotion means “energy in motion."  Our desires, intentions and attitudes lead to action. As we move, we feel, and as we feel, we engage in the unity of body, mind and spirit. By tuning into the wisdom of the body we allow emotions to arise. Emotional Yoga is a pathway to connect with the underlying emotional layers that are preventing us from meaningful action and that can free us for meaningful action.


Therapeutically, what happens in the mind also happens to the physical body. Whether we have embodied pain from unresolved emotions, or we endure chronic pain, we condition ourselves to live with and eventually ignore the pain by creating compensatory patterns. And so, we use so much energy to move that the accumulated embodied pain can be debilitating and/or paralyzing. 


Through stretching, breathing techniques, physical exercises, and non-directed dialog, Therapeutic Emotional Yoga helps us to slow down to the most insignificant move to listen to what our body is telling us. By doing so the body creates a shifting in the emotional state and a renewed ability to attune to the patterns, bring awareness and begin the process of healing.


Rocks of Balance