{the art of change + transformation}

Parinama, in yoga philosophy, is the term used to describe transformation, not only of the mind, but of the body and all of our senses. We all possess the capacity to awaken through self-love,

self-regulation and self-awareness. Life is a journey to ourselves.

About Carla

Transformational Coach + Yoga Teacher

My road through life has been instilled with a true sense of purpose and was always geared towards embracing change - being humanly lost at times, but innately focused on the natural process that patience, acceptance and determination lead to. 


Living a life of purpose seemed to be the natural result of the opportunities bestowed upon me. This awareness was elemental in unearthing each of the next steps to take along my path. While pregnant with my second child, I fell in love with yoga, which led me to obtaining the RTY200 Yoga Alliance certification, along with specializations in Therapeutic, Fertility, Prenatal and RCYP-2 Children’s Yoga. A few years later, as a director for a large corporation, coaching became an intuitive management tool that I used to build relationships among different teams. By understanding the unique attributes of each individual, they revealed the best of themselves to contribute to a process built from their strengths. The success of this practice led me to pursue certification as a Transformational Life Coach.


Through Transformational Coaching and Therapeutic Yoga techniques, it is my intention to provide a safe space for individuals to reclaim themselves by bridging the gap between what is presently happening in their lives and what they want next, embracing all possibilities for their lives.


Why Life Coaching and Emotional Yoga?

It can help with

Tree Trunk
Spiritual Growth

Learn to be present at each step of your life to live life purposely.


Make choices from the connection with your inner wisdom and action from that natural state where everything is possible.

Emotional Detox

When you honour the pain, you will understand  the physical and emotional reasons behind it.

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Patterns and Limiting Beliefs

Connecting to your essential nature will give you the strength to address underlying emotional blockages and patterns that no longer serve you.

Create healthy boundaries to operate from your core values.

Empower Yourself
Embodiment Awareness

Physical pain is an indicator that emotional work needs to be done. Take the time to connect with your body and listen to what is telling you.


Online class offerings

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Emotional Yoga

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Fertility & Prenatal Yoga


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